Missouri Workers Compensation Changes 2017 Injured workers

Missouri Workers Compensation Changes 2017
The Missouri legislature wrapped up on May 12, 2017.
Some minor changes were made to Missouri workers’ compensation law.
One change made could be a trap for the injured worker who is not represented by an attorney.
If an injured worker is sent or provided a rating and does not within 12 month from the date the rating is provided, obtain a rating from a second physician, any compromise settlement shall be based upon the initial rating.
The first question one may ask is: what is a rating?
A rating is an assessment of permanent partial disability provided by a doctor. For example, an injured worker tears a rotator cuff. That worker will have permanent partial disability. Generally, the treating physician will provide a rating. For example, 10% of the shoulder.
When I represent a worker, I obtain a rating from a physician. Generally, that rating is much higher than the rating provided by the treating physician.
If the injury worker doesn’t realize the importance of being given a copy of a rating, he may not know that the clock is ticking.
This change is in the law is not favorable to injured workers in any way.
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